Bitcoin Rebooted's FAQ:

<Please ask questions and CCGLLC will update this page with appropriate answers>

Q1)  What is Bitcoin?  How does it work?  Why does it have value? ...

A1)  Please go visit http://blog.kevinsthoughts.com/blog - He wrote up a pretty good overview.  It will take a few minutes to read, but will bring you up to speed!

Q2)  Who the heck is CCGLLC?

A2)  CCGLLC is short for Carpenter Computing Group, Limited Liability Corporation.  We are a small development team with our own mining farm (about 2.3PH of SHA256 gear).  Members of the team have previously developed (3) experimental altcoins:  YACCoin, 1CRedit, and IMACredit back in 2014.  Since then we have been in the ecosystem helping with various projects (from early Storj support to the recent BTCC coin release) in secondary roles.  We felt we have accumulated enough gumption to try coin #4!

Q3) Why was this coin created?

A3) Bitcoin became real in 2009. It wasn't seriously discussed until Bitcointalk arrived in 2012. Mainstream news didn't start regularly talking about it until 2017, when over 75% of the coins ever-to-be-mined where in the hands of the early adopters. Now over 80% of all Bitcoins have been mined.  Bitcoin Rebooted is designed to appeal to all of those that missed out on the early years of Bitcoin, and for those that have yet to still discover the world of cryptocurrency

Q4)  Is there a comment policy for this site?

A4)  Yes:  https://www.bitcoin-rebooted.xyz/comment-policy/

Q5)  Can you help?

A5)  Absolutely!  There is a tonne of things still need to be done:

  • We need a social media manager (twitter, facebook, reddit, etc.)
  • We need more pools
  • We need a blockchain explorer (work queued for CCGLLC, but open to anyone)
  • We need help getting listed on legitimate Exchanges that don't charge BTC for the privilege
  • We need help reaching out to the community
  • Of course we need miners!
  • We would LOVE to expand our volunteer development team

Q6) What is the coins RoadMap?

A6)  This is open for discussion, but for the near future we simply need to review BIPs and roll the ones we agree with forward into the base code.  These are likely to be security and performance oriented - we THINK the feature set is sufficiently large for Bitcoin Rebooted to hold its own once it gets known.

Q7) Was there (or will there be) and ICO for this coin?  Any Airdrops?

A7) No.  This coin was developed by a small group of folks who did so for the betterment of the cybercurrency ecosphere.  All work was volunteer based.  Fortunately our primary developer is retired and was able to put more than a 1000 hours of develop and testing time in for free.  There will be no Airdrops - all those do is drive cashing in activity in our humble opinion.

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