Hello world! Bitcoin Rebooted is coming…

Welcome to the Bitcoin Rebooted website! As you know, Bitcoin was invented in 2009 and over 80% of the coins have already been mined, with a heavy advantage to those that got in early.  We congratulate them on their foresight, but Bitcoin Rebooted levels the playing field and lets the now much larger cyptocurrency world have a chance at wealth. Bitcoin Rebooted forked from the Bitcoin source tree in July of 2018.  Development is ongoing with many exciting new features, including a seriously unique DAA (e.g. we don’t believe anyone else has ever attempted to do what we are doing, or at least never succeeded!).  The VAST majority of our development time has been spent working, and testing, and re-testing the DAA (Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm). Please click the Overview tab for a very brief introduction to the coin, and/or the Coin Details tab for a long winded, detailed, introduction. The release date for Bitboin Rebooted is pending completion of final testing and concurrent work on Explorers, Pools, (this website!), etc.

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