Bitcoin Rebooted builds on the original Bitcoin released in 2009, but updated with key learnings since then.

Quick Overview:

  • Coin symbol "BOOT" (initially "BTR")
  • Designed for 50 years of mining
    • All new blockchain that has been reset with a new genesis block
    • 50 coin initial block reward
    • Block reward decreases just 1 coin per year (no halving like most coins)
    • Fuzzy Effect Wave per-block difficulty adjustment
  • Designed to support miners
    • 2.5 minute block time - means more blocks and faster confirmations
    • SHA-256 based for support of modern ASICs
    • SegWit explicitly not supported and never will be
  • Default P2P Port 5858 Mainnet, 15858 Testnet, 25858 Regtest
  • Default RPC port 5857 Mainnet, 15857 Testnet, 25857 Regtest
  • 16MB maximum block size
  • No ICO, no airdrops, no favored partners
  • Developers pre-mined less than 0.04% of the blocks to establish the blockchain and create checkpoints with zero special reward blocks

Much, much more in the Coin Details tab!

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