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From time-to-time we use http://pool.bitcoin-rebooted.xyz for testing BOOT and other coins we help support.  Please use one of the production pools below as your primary BOOT pool, but your welcome to test against us or use us as a backup pool.

The following pools are totally independent of the Bitcoin-Rebooted development team:

http://youcrazy.me/ (Australia) -a sha256 -o stratum+tcp://stratum.youcrazy.me:3333 -u YourWalletAddress -p c=BOOT

https://usa.thecryptominerpool.com (Texas, USA) -a sha256 -o stratum+tcp://usa.thecryptominerpool.com:3333 -u YourWalletAddress -p c=BOOT

http://eu.petahash.io (France) Port 3333 (similar to those above)

For a complete, up to the minute listing of active Yiimp pools, please visit:





https://altmarkets.io/ Added on April 4th, 2018 - a larger exchange with ~80 coins listed and brings exposure to BOOT on Coingeko, Coinpaprika, Blockfolio, Delta, and Coinlore.


https://numex.exchange (Listed, but deposits still pending as of 4/4/19 - over a month now *sigh*)

https://flame.exchange/ Use flame.exchange with extreme caution.  They have had 2 security breaches in the past few months.

Explorers: http://explorer.bitcoin-rebooted.xyz

Most YIIMP based BOOT pools also have an explorer for the coin

Discord:  (Our preferred contact method)

Bitcoin Rebooted Discord channel




Trello Status (Todo, Working, Done, Issues...): 

     Bitcoin Rebooted on Trello

     Trello via Bit Bucket link

Twitter: @BRebooted

Preferred Hashtag:  #GettheBOOT

IRC:  https://freenode.net  channel #btr

E-mail:  btrebooted@gmail.com

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