Soft launch today

Well… we think things are close enough:

  1.  Coin is stable
  2. Explorer is stable
  3. A pool is kinda available (just finished getting it to work internally, but not fully tested).  Real pool operators (not our forte) have promised to be coming online over the next few days.  DNS for our pool is propagating on the Internet now. 
  4. Basically… good enough.  Lets do this!

FYI:  We promised to only mine about 4000 blocks before launching (a week worth) in order to insure everything was working and to get a couple of checkpoint records in.  At block 3943 as we type this, so want to keep that promise.

A quick installation of Yiimp (pool software) should be functional shortly.  Its working internally, but we just need a bit of time for the DNS entry to get updated on the Internet.

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